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NNR Spring Seminar 2015

Geplaatst 5 jun. 2015 06:11 door Mark Berghaan   [ 5 jun. 2015 06:17 bijgewerkt ]
We look back at a great seminar with Ebisawa sensei.
During this seminar we were instructed to improve on our breathing techniques as well as our awareness.
The second day was themed for shiai training techniques which ended with an engine jigeiko and Ebisawa sensei 
in bogu showing us how it is done.

We wish to congratulate:
Bram Jonkers         6th kyu
Robbert Reiners    6th kyu
Davy Baardink        6th kyu
Jorit Delen               6th kyu
Pleun Verstijnen    6th kyu
Maike Lauf                5th kyu
Charlotte Wang       4th kyu
Marie-Luise Göbel 2nd kyu