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World Naginata Championships and INF seminar

Geplaatst 16 jul. 2019 03:21 door Mark Berghaan
On the 6th of July 2019, the World Naginata Championships were held in Wiesbaden, Germany.
A delegation of the NNR joined in this competition and once again managed to do quite well.

Men's team: 2nd Place (Joren Zandstra, Axel Noorman, Pieter Gerritsen)
Women's team: 4th Place (Charlotte Wang, Faye Noorman)

Men's individuals:
 Axel Noorman, Pieter Gerritsen (final 16)
Joren Zandstra (final 8)

Women's individuals:
Faye Noorman (final 8)

After the World Championships there was a 3 day seminar with Dan examinations and Shinpan course with examinations.
We congratulate the following people:

Pieter Gerritsen: 4th Dan, Shinpan certificate
Axel Noorman: Shinpan certificate
Faye Noorman: Shinpan certificate
Simon Bruins: Shinpan certificate
Joren Zandstra: 2nd Dan
Charlotte Wang: 1st Dan