Date set for 2016 NNR Spring seminar

Geplaatst 17 dec. 2015 05:05 door Mark Berghaan

The NNR Spring seminar for 2016 will be in the weekend of the  23rd and 24th of April.
For this seminar we have once again invited Narita sensei, Kyoshi from Japan to be the instructor.
We look forward to seeing you there to participate. 

Algemene ledenvergadering 16-1-2016

Geplaatst 17 dec. 2015 05:02 door Mark Berghaan

Zoals afgesproken in 2015 is de ALV elk jaar op de 3e zaterdag  van januari.
Ook deze keer zal de ALV samen gaan met een centrale training.

NNR Spring seminar 2016 date set

Geplaatst 7 dec. 2015 01:24 door Mark Berghaan

The date for the NNR Spring seminar will be in the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of April 2016.
Once again we have invited a really great Sensei to instruct at this seminar.

More news will follow.

Central training 28th November 2015

Geplaatst 7 dec. 2015 01:17 door Mark Berghaan   [ 7 dec. 2015 01:20 bijgewerkt ]

On November 28th we had a central training in Capelle aan den IJssel.
During this day we had training and kyu exams.

We wish to congratulate:

Charlotte Wang3rd kyu
Bram Jonkers5th kyu
Jorit Delen5th kyu
Davy Baardink5th kyu
Nancy Addo-Daaku6th kyu
Thomas de Graaf6th kyu
Rogier Haan6th kyu

ENF Seminar in Brussels November 2015

Geplaatst 16 nov. 2015 02:07 door Mark Berghaan   [ 17 nov. 2015 03:05 bijgewerkt ]

On the weekend of the 7th and 8th of November 2015 a group of members of the Nederlandse Naginata Renmei
joined in the European Naginata Federation Seminar in Brussels.
The seminar had the theme of “Understanding of Japanese culture and ways to improve our training” and was done under the guidance of Sunagawa Kuniko Sensei Hanshi from Fukuoka Japan.

It was a valuable experience for everyone.

We wish to congratulate Faye Noorman for passing the 2nd Dan examination,

6th World Naginata Championships 2015

Geplaatst 1 jul. 2015 05:56 door Mark Berghaan

On June 20th 2015 the 6th World Naginata Championships were held in Montreal, Canada.

A small delegation of the Nederlandse Naginata Renmei participated in several of the competitions.
We are most proud to announce that Axel Noorman and Faye Noorman achieved to win third price in the engi competition.

NNR Spring Seminar 2015

Geplaatst 5 jun. 2015 06:11 door Mark Berghaan   [ 5 jun. 2015 06:17 bijgewerkt ]

We look back at a great seminar with Ebisawa sensei.
During this seminar we were instructed to improve on our breathing techniques as well as our awareness.
The second day was themed for shiai training techniques which ended with an engine jigeiko and Ebisawa sensei 
in bogu showing us how it is done.

We wish to congratulate:
Bram Jonkers         6th kyu
Robbert Reiners    6th kyu
Davy Baardink        6th kyu
Jorit Delen               6th kyu
Pleun Verstijnen    6th kyu
Maike Lauf                5th kyu
Charlotte Wang       4th kyu
Marie-Luise Göbel 2nd kyu

Spring seminar 25-26 April 2015

Geplaatst 4 apr. 2015 07:31 door Mark Berghaan

We are very proud to once again have a great sensei come over for our annual Spring seminar.
This time it will be Ebisawa Ban Sensei, Kyoshi from Tokyo, Japan.
He is one of the very few male Naginata Kyoshi in the world and is very knowledgable about the history 
of martial arts and the Samurai.

Find the registraion forms below this message.
You can find the requirements for the NNR Kyu exams in our document (Bestanden) section!

INF Seminar in Amstelveen

Geplaatst 29 aug. 2014 04:34 door Secretary Nederlandse Naginata Renmei

Last weekend we hosted the International Naginata Federation Seminar in de Nieuwe Bankrashal in Amstelveen.
It was 3 days full of training with great sensei and great spirit.
On the 2nd day we have the honor to receive a visit of the Japanese Ambassador to the Netherlands, Mr. Tsuji.
On the 3rd day there were exams were some of our NNR members made us proud by passing their exams.

We congratulate:
Pieter Gerritsen 3rd Dan
Axel Noorman 2nd Dan
Joren Zandstra 1st Dan
Faye Noorman 1st Dan
Nivard Koning 1st Dan
Emma Deutekom 2nd Kyu
Karen Pattiasina 3rd Kyu
Geran De Leeuw 3rd Kyu
Baukje Weber 4th Kyu
Alexis Szejnoga 5th Kyu
Charlotte Wang 5th Kyu

We thank all that participated and contributed.

In Memoriam

Geplaatst 30 mei 2014 04:03 door Mark Berghaan

On the 27th of May 2014 we received the news that Miyako Tanaka Price Sensei, Hanshi in Naginata
and a long time friend of the Nederlandse Naginata Renmei had passed away.

She was a great teacher, an inspiration to many and a wonderful person to be around.
Her knowledge, wisdom, enthusiasm and friendship will be sorely missed by people all over the world.

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