INF Seminar in Amstelveen

Post date: Aug 29, 2014 11:34:05 AM

Last weekend we hosted the International Naginata Federation Seminar in de Nieuwe Bankrashal in Amstelveen.

It was 3 days full of training with great sensei and great spirit.

On the 2nd day we have the honor to receive a visit of the Japanese Ambassador to the Netherlands, Mr. Tsuji.

On the 3rd day there were exams were some of our NNR members made us proud by passing their exams.

We congratulate:

Pieter Gerritsen 3rd Dan

Axel Noorman 2nd Dan

Joren Zandstra 1st Dan

Faye Noorman 1st Dan

Nivard Koning 1st Dan

Emma Deutekom 2nd Kyu

Karen Pattiasina 3rd Kyu

Geran De Leeuw 3rd Kyu

Baukje Weber 4th Kyu

Alexis Szejnoga 5th Kyu

Charlotte Wang 5th Kyu

We thank all that participated and contributed.